Our New Life In Javea


Well, we are finally living in Javea, and we haven’t been disappointed. Thanks to meticulous planning, we are able to take a year off work with a bit of money we saved. We also made out well with our purchasing transactions, and ended up with additional funds. So now, we are taking the year off work, getting our two children in school, taking care of other rudimentary things, and enjoying our new home. To put it simply, we intend to make the most of it!


We’ve managed to make plenty of friends already. There are a decent number of British, Dutch, and German families who have moved to Javea to escape the sometimes-harsh climates of their own countries. We mostly speak English together though many are fluent in Spanish, including my wife and me. Some also speak a little Valencian as well. The kids have started school at the independent bilingual school in the area. This is great as puts less stress on them. They will be schooled in both English and Spanish. I think this will be fine for the first year or two, and then we will switch them to an all-Spanish school.


I must add this tad of information; it is possible to get by without speaking Spanish. You can basically have your cake and eat it too. With access to Sky TV, English goods, and with plenty of places servicing all English products that we are used to, I see why it could make people lazy about integrating! At least as far as the language goes.


Thankfully, the kids are young enough where it was easy to leave friends and school behind. Children start school at three in Spain. The education system seems fine and the children are getting along quite well thus far. My wife and I agree that Javea is great for young children. Outside of a several months of the year, the weather is great and we spend lots of time outdoors taking pleasure in the freedom we wouldn’t have back in the UK. There are enough after school and weekend activities as well if you look for them.



It’s Relaxing And Fun

There are plenty of things for grown-ups to do in Javea, and we’ve found plenty for the children as well. There are many well-managed sports clubs including basketball, rugby, golf, and tennis, and yes, football. The majority of restaurants are child-friendly too. Additionally, there is a small farm that kids always visit on school trips.


The Valor chocolate factory is a big hit as well. The La Marina shopping centre is around twenty-minutes away in Ondara with activity for bowling and they have a cinema complex. Cansalades Park is great for Sunday picnics and BBQ’s. It’s a fun place for holding birthday parties as well, so the kid’s birthday venue is already planned!




There are a couple of markets we enjoy, the weekly market that takes place each Thursday and the every day indoor food market. The weekly market is located in the “Plaza de la Constitución.” The market is characteristic of those in the Alicante region with fresh vegetables and fruits, fish and meat products, and other useful items like household goods, clothing, shoes, and various accessories.

The daily indoor market is called the “Javea Municipal Market” and is mostly filled with local produce. The market is setup in the “Plaza Celestino Pons.” It’s great because it is also open on Saturday mornings. The whole family goes to select fresh produce and interact with others at the market.




Every Rose Has Its Thorne

I don’t regret my move for one second; however, you have to take the bitter with the sweet. There are a couple of things I would advise those planning to or wishing to move to Spain be aware of. First of all, dealing with the utility company can be somewhat frustrating. I’ll leave it at that. In addition, it might be best to find yourself a business address or a postal address to make sure you get a regular delivery with the mail. There is no daily postal service to every district. The post is delivered when there is enough mail or even worse, when the post person feels like delivering it! Nevertheless, both issues are easily overcome.




What’s Next For Us?

Well, I won’t bore you with every detail of my family’s new life in Javea. Every night we sleep well. There’s no need to bother with noise outside my window. Every morning we awake to the fresh morning air and the beautiful sea right from the balcony. We all feel safe and at ease, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!