Looking For A Villa

Looking For A Villa

At last, we’ve made the decision to move to the northern end of Costa Blanca to Javea. After much contemplation and with the approval of the family, Javea seems like the natural choice. The area is upmarket with roughly 20,000 permanent inhabitants, and that sets well with us. The region is not too large or too small. Now, it comes down to finding the perfect villa. Something with 5 bedrooms, nice sized finished kitchen with dishwasher, 2 full baths, terrace, air conditioning, washing facilities, additional amenities including swimming pool and mountain views. Of course, we will enlist the assistance of Solivillas.com since we’ve had so much success with them before.


Looking For A Villa In Javea

Looking for a property in Javea is a bit tricky. It is divided into three divergent areas, which include the old town, the port area, and the Arenal, also known as the beach area. This is where most of the apartments are located. Though we are looking for a villa, it didn’t hurt to check apartments as well. The Arenal beach district encompasses most of the apartments. This means an easy walk to the beach, lots of supermarkets, restaurants, and other things to do nearby. Buying a villa means moving further out. Most villas are in the hills that encircle Javea’s old town, Arenal beach, and port. A car would be essential but that’s not a problem.

One thing I have to mention. I have found, through talking with others looking

to purchase a villa in the area that many believe they need a huge kitchen and lounge because that’s what they are used to. I think living in Javea will allow us to spend more time together as a family and we will be outside more. It’s better than sitting inside glued to the TV! Therefore, we are looking for a nice sized villa with good-sized terraces and gardens.

Of course, the price of a villa in Javea is much more than an apartment, but my wife and I have managed our budget well. So the idea to simply look at apartments had nothing to with price, but there’s nothing wrong with checking what else is available in this beautiful region. The important things to investigate are the various areas of Javea. The weather can vary tremendously depending on the exposure to the ocean and because of the numerous small mounds encasing the area. Some regions of Javea are quite windy and others are protected and a good deal hotter.

There is a plethora of tempting areas like at the base of the renowned Montgo Moun

tain, a central landmark that overlooks Javea with wonderful views above the Javea valley. The land and villas are huge and many villas face the south. The motorway is near as well and at the side of the Montgo mountain sits the village of Denia.

Up the hill in the direction of the famous landmark of Cabo La-Nao lighthouse are magnificent views and a hillside filled with gorgeous villas. After much talk, my wife and I came to the conclusion that this area would be good. We will be close to the Arenal beach and the vicinity is calm and tranquil, and the kids will enjoy it too. This district includes Grandella, Panarama, Balcon al Mar, La Siesta, Ambolo, Portichol, Entrepinos, and our favourite Costa Nova.

Costa Nova It Is!

Costa Nova is one of the original and most scenic suburbs of Javea. It is historically stunning and naturally diverse. The climate is ideal and the unique natural heritage has awarded the area the title of “one of the healthiest places in the world to live.” This sets well with my wife as we are very much into healthy living and we pass this lifestyle on to our small children as well.

The area is within easy reach of a broad range of fortuities for recreation, leisure, sport, and entertainment that our family will certainly find appealing. Everything from riding our mountain bikes along the countryside to various water sports. With the type of climate that can be totally relied upon and with so many things to see and do in the Javea region, everyone will be happy. It will be like a permanent vacation!


I’m Happy About Our Decision

Luckily, because of our six years of visiting Javea, we have been able to experience the area quite a lot and know it well. Therefore, we have a good feel of what it would feel like to live there long term. Selecting Costa Nova as our “resting place,” feels fantastic, and it is definitely the right decision for us.